services - managing agent

repairs & maintenance

manage your day to day needs


project manage typical occassional work


establish a programme of improvement work


service charge budgeting, collection and pursue arrears


payment of suppliers


maintain financial records


supply year-end accounts and statements

legal obligations

identify and manage all H&S, financial, environmental and company law obilgations


liaise with solicitors during pre-sale enquiries and post-completion administration


visit & communicate

regular, frequent site visits


prompt, accurate, clear, concise and courteous communication


organise and attend meetings 


24 hour monitored service, not just a voicemail with phone numbers to ring


source, liaise, and appoint suppliers


review and monitor their work




We aim to match or reduce your managing agent fee, and improve the managing agent service and all your other suppliers' services.


We’ll tailor our service to your development and more

importantly to your requirements. Our contract will clearly show what is included and excluded as part of the managing agent fee.

We don't rely on a lengthy, difficult to cancel contract in order to retain you as a client, we rely on our continual fantastic service.

why choose PAD as your managing agent?

We will ensure that your expenditure is as low as it can be ­ only items that are required or desired will be

purchased. Which in turn will ensure that your service charges are set at the correct level and, if

applicable, that your reserve fund is healthy.


We adhere to an anti­bribery policy ­ we don't benefit from

awarding work, so we’re not incentivised to waste your money.

We’re incentivised to save you money.

We’re totally transparent with your money. We’ll provide you with clear and concise monthly financial reports and scans of all your purchase invoices. We don't expect you to study this information, but if you want to, it will be there for you.

We welcome you to take on as much or as little involvement as you like. If you want to appraise suppliers’ proposals, inspect their work or drill down into the financials, we’ll welcome that. Or if you’d rather let us take away ALL of the hassle, we also

welcome this. But whatever level of involvement you choose, we’ll keep you fully up to date and in control of your development.

We understand your services and equipment as well as your suppliers do, and probably better than any other managing agent. This ensures we’re in a great position to be able to appraise your suppliers’ proposals and recommend improvements, resulting in improved service and reduced costs.

We provide a flexible, adaptive approach. We’re always keen to implement improvements to ensure that we constantly better our service to you.


We can provide a 24 hour emergency service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and we’re professional, polite, helpful, knowledgeable and dependable. 

What do you have to do to change your managing agent to PAD?

Very little! Once you have agreed for PAD to be your managing agent and informed your current

managing agent, we will take care of everything. We will liaise with the outgoing managing agent and

request the handover of all the required items and information. We’ll open a new service charge bank

account (if your existing account is a client account set up by your existing managing agent) and liaise

with the owners, introducing ourselves and clearly informing them when to start making payments to the

new account. We will contact all of your suppliers and try to meet with as many as possible, as soon as

possible. Then you’ll immediately start to see the real difference that we will make to the quality of your

development's management.............