our core principles

PAD's core principles will always remain the same. We believe the managing agent should provide a TRANSPARENT, high QUALITY, great VALUE for money service


With PAD, all suppliers and their costs, are prior approved by you. You will be presented with regular digestible concise financial information. Suppliers' invoices will be provided by the original supplier and digital copies of these will be provided to you if required. We will always declare if and how suppliers are known to us. We are completely open about everything we do and we don't hide behind gobbledygook. We say it as it is. 


We always strive for customer service excellence. We are only satisfied with our service if you are 100% satisfied. We aim to use the best suppliers and we demand even more from them. We put the extra effort in to achieve the best results - you'll see us in the cherry picker and on the roof, we visit residents to see issues first hand, we inspect work before, during and after. We find this approach produces great results, rather than just managing projects from the office, or leaving it to suppliers to manage themselves. 


Our desire to achieve an in depth knowledge of the services, equipment and processes utilised by your development, coupled with our willingness to take a hands on approach, means that we are able to competently appraise and amend suppliers' proposals and so achieve the best possible value for money for your development. We refuse to waste residents' money - only the items that are required or desired, are purchased, nothing else.