your PAD experience

We will not tie you into an ambiguous, difficult to cancel contract, we will simply aim to provide you with a fantastic service so that you have a strong desire to continue to use PAD as your appointed managing agent.

you won't feel trapped

We will manage your development in a professional, courteous and highly efficient manner.

you will be cared for

We will provide you with the digestible concise infomation you want to see and always provide invoices from the original supplier.

We are completely open about everything we do and we don't hide behind gobbledygook. We say it as it is. 

you will be fully informed

We will demand the highest quality and value from all suppliers you use and you will see the results of that in a better maintained development.

We will continually review and innovate to improve our services and find new ways to reduce costs for your development. 

you will see continuous improvement

If you would like to discuss the service that you want to receive from your managing agent, or you would like to find out more about how we could help improve your development, we really would love to hear from you


We would gratefully welcome the opportunity to visit your development and, encompassing your specific requirements, present a proposal of how we believe we could bring about the real change that you want and that your development deserves. 



Chris McKenna and Tim Wright

PAD's directors.